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Save time

No more wasted time crossing the borders, calculating fees, or looking for your stores.

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Easy support

Talk to a real person whenever you need help. We provide 1-on-1 support within 24 hours.

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Flexible options

Shop and ship when you want to. We hold your packages or ship to you within 15 days to 60 days.

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1.  Sign up

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2.  Use your U.S. address

Shop your favourite retailer and proceed to
checkout. Add in your new U.S. address from
Reach and pay like you would with any other
online purchase.

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3.  Forward your receipts to us

Use our user dashboard to submit receipts and pay

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4.  Pick up your package

Pick up your packages at an E-Shop.
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Reach provides the service I've been waiting for someone to think of and make happen. Honestly --- best.thing.ever. I do quite a bit of cross-border shopping and we Canucks seem to always get the raw deal with not being able to take advantage of US pricing or not getting the goods shipped here or even being able to shop at some sites that only take US credit cards. With Reach, that is NO LONGER your reality, friends.

Pia Wilson

Google reviewer

The best customer service I have ever received! Very polite respectful prompt in replies and so helpful. Really value their customers. So happy I can shop hassle free from the states and have it shipped over to my house . Best customer service. Very quick, received my shipment very quickly. Anne is amazing and helpful.

Sim N

Google reviewer

Used their US package forwarding services a couple times and it's honestly game changing!! Makes my shopping and returning US brands so much easier. Great customer service and they also offer a change room for you to try on your clothing so if any items need to be returned you can just leave the goods with them. Highly recommended.

Irene Shih

Google reviewer

This was so easy! I needed to buy a gift for a friend from the US that she really wanted. I’d used Reach before but since moving from Toronto to Vancouver recently, hadn’t used them locally… the process was just and easy. They took care of the whole process for me after ordering! Awesome service, awesome store - it looks great!

Jordan Walwyn

Google reviewer

The most important service available to us now given how limited our access to certain goods are in Canada.

Kim K Tran

Google reviewer

I've used this service more than a handful of times now and I'm so glad they exist in Toronto! Shipping from US has never been easier!

Isiah Malit

Google reviewer

Got my item shipped from the states with no hassle. I didn’t have to pay extra for customs and got it in a reasonable time. Been waiting for something like this in Canada for years now !

Omar Lloyd

Google reviewer

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